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Arts Based Research.

My art practise is an ongoing exploration into what it is to be an adoptee, someone who is displaced, caught in the space between. My experiences however paradoxically combine this loss, absence, vertigo and dislocation with new experiences of inter-connection, flexibility, spirituality, creativity, adventure and freedom.

We are all affected by a changing natural and social world, forces beyond our control which invisibly affect us as physical sensations, phenomena, feelings, memories and narratives. My work explores how interactions between nature and culture affect us by examining the intangible qualities of change found occurring in the mundane and everyday in a variety of places and spaces. 

I spend time where nature and the man-made interact using embodied intuition to observe, paint, photograph and video everyday mundane occurrences happening over time. In depth reflection and exploratory processes on the work often reveal strange illogical connections between the lyrical and abject. Examining how I am affected by them gives experience of how phenomena interact and of our place in a world of constant change, uncertainty and the unknown. 

I frequently use Poems in my explorations.

Conference and Presentation Papers:

Date Event Location Paper Online link
June 19-21 2012 The Home and the World Creative Summit Dartington Arts, Totnes, Devon Life is a Journey Life is a Journey on
(to download this paper, on the Academia website click on the title rather than the download button)
Jan 14 2013 Aune Head Arts First Friday
Space, Dartington Arts,Totnes,
Life is a Journey:
MA practice
Arts and Ecology Network website - The Home and the World 2012 papers: Josie Gould.