My research as an adoptee concerns the affecs of displacement and loss and examines how an embodied arts process can express a wide range of felt experiences to enable re-finding a place in the world.
The 17th Century philosopher Spinoza suggested that everything material flows in constantly changing patterns and forces affecting us as physical sensations, thoughts and feelings which create bodily held felt memories. 

Memories of feelings and sensations may re-occur in response to particular material qualities, movements and tempos affecting us in the present. I therefore use an embodied meditative practise to photograph, video and work with materials subtle felt qualities. These reveal strange connections and new perspectives hinting at the mystical and deepening understanding of embodied intuition.

To explore these intangible qualities this work responds to the imminent loss of my childhood home, a traditional dairy farm in East Devon soon to be developed into Cranbrook, the first new town (5000 homes) to be built in Devon since the Middle Ages.

For further information please read the downloadable pdf of Life is a Journey on the Adoption Arts Research page. This documents (including photographs) my arts and theoretical process.



Video installations:
                                                 "Life is a Journey"                                                               "Life is a Journey"               
                                                  MA Show "Sensum" 2012                                                  MA Show "Sensum" 2012
                                                 Photo credit: Helge Mruck                                                   Photo Credit: Helge Mruck                                

                                                  "Now I Become Myself"                                                      "Morning Offering"
                                          Video Installation: Zintec box, feed bin, wood, brick.      Video Installation: Cattle feed bin.
                                                  MA Show  "Sensum" 2012                                                  MA Show "Sensum" 2012                                                                                                                          
                                                   "Book of Hours"                                                                 "Invocation"
                                                   Video Installation: Milking apron, baler cord                Baler Cord, heat lamp.
                                                   MA Show "Sensum"                                                          MA Show Sensum"

                                                                                          "Anthem "      

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"Book of Hours: Love Poems to God 11.16"

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"Concerning The Book that is the Body of the Beloved." 



"Become Becoming."

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