Creative Coaching

Open hearted people living adventurous lives using creative, personal development processes for self-reflection and self-fulfillment.





One day perhaps
   you shall look
   beyond the mask
   into your own mirror
   at your own reality. "
" We all have roles we need to play and masks that we need to wear. Many are vital and constructive: parent, partner, employee. However roles and masks can be harmful if they conflict with our values, ethics, well-being, health or real nature.
Some masks fit us better than others, some no longer fit well, others never really fit at all. "
Marion Woodman (2001)
Coming Home to Myself, Conari Press, Berkeley, U.S.A
Are you familiar with the roles and masks you wear?

Which are helpful?
Which compromise you?
What lies beneath the masks?
When, where does she reveal herself?
What feels fulfilling for her?
How can she celebrate who she is? 
    "The darkness shall be the light
      and the stillness the dancing. "

Ancient myths hold collective ways of safely containing the unconscious while an individual goes through processes of change.

In ritual one traditionally leaves home, passes boundaries, entering into the liminal unknown before transitioning into another land.

Initiation rites to mark changes of status, of who we are, traditionally occured throughout life. 

My practise is to co-create empowering and unique processes to support you through change. Together we uncover what is vital and relevant to your life now to find new ways of being. As you recognise yourself anew these qualities revitalise and empower bringing the possibility of transforming your life.

" The course has been an invaluable, graceful permission to stay human and succeed."                       
Carrie Alcott
" I have had a good time and I am a changed woman. Every experience has left deep feelings that have brought out changes in my life. Some of them seemed fleeting, but I soon found that my perspectives have changed. It's refreshing, and I am embracing the changes. Gratefully Wendy."
Wendy Stevens.
" Congratulations on bringing so many worlds together to create a truly inspiring and life changing experience. I particularly valued the gift of communion with other women in a soulful and creative space and am determined to maintain that for myself in my life. The practical and self exploration tools will be crucial to the success of not only my new work but also my future personal growth. Thank you again for the inspiring dance you welcomed me into. I can't think about it without welling up." 
Kimberley Jones.
" This has been a wholly empowering experience for me and my life is the richer for it ."                 
Geraldine Finnon
" I would never have imagine that a course in management could help me resolve one of the longest-standing issues of my life. I have learned what it REALLY is to be truly grounded, grounded in my thinking, grounded in my way of being, and therefore effective and above all, happy in my life ." 
Nikhila Ludlow
" You have been a Godsend and I thank you so much. Your example is inspired and encouraging, showing how to run excellent, funded, accredited courses that weave in depth, meaning and relevance with your arts based approach. I have personally benefited so much from attending this course...I'll always be grateful to you and be singing your praises whereever I go. And you are such great people! So likeable, authentic and gifted. Thank you ."
Srimati Edgecombe.
" This way of working is sometimes shockingly powerful. Clearly you work from a great depth of skill and knowledge and you also found many ways to release the many resources within us all as a group ."   
Sarah Scaife.
" I loved the creative approach - felt like a breath of fresh air and I'll continue to use it for my personal and work development. Thanks for bringing some humility into subjects that are so often presented as dry. More please! "  
Dr Joanna Gosling.
 " Support, guidance, structure, format, organisation of learning materials and all areas of learning were absolutely excellent. The arts based learning approach was exceptionally helpful to me ." 
Elaine Wattam.




Nothing to do


         Nowhere to go

       Simply free to be

Fulfilled with


                  your life...